Google could be sued for changing it's policy on advertising

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Found 3rd May 2008
Seems there could be a legal challenge to the way google sells advertising from Monday here in the UK.
Search for a company now and you'll get related searches only. From monday and it's rivals will be returned to......bit complicated, read what Channel 4 says in the next post


Read it but still don't understand, why would searching for bring up a rival company? Surely would be the first result still?

Why are people allowed to advertise as if they're not?

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Lol, i watched the story on C4 News and it was confusing but here goes.

As it stands now, you google for and the paid for searches down the right, will be for only
From monday, that could bring up a rival, say, expedia and this is what the big companies don't want. Imagine searching for tesco and Asda pops up? They companies don't want that
It's not about as such the 1st result, it's the fact that your rivals will be on the same page of the search
Apparently this is already the way searches work in US

Edit: Having just tried that example, i get no right hand search replies. C4 news did :-(
Edit 2: I am not getting ANY links now on the right hand IE 6 or FF

And people believe that Google could rival Ebay for an auction site.
They are just as adept at manipulation of the marketplace and abusing their position.
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