Google Docs Finally Make Themselves Presentable

    After promising for some months, Google has finally delivered the presentation component for its (currently)free online office suite: Google Docs. Until now, only word processing and spreadsheets were offered.
    Whilst the suite does not include all of the features available in Microsoft Office, it certainly seemsto have most of them. Adding a tool to compete with PowerPoint seems like a great ideabut,
    is it really in the same league as PowerPoint? Wellit can import PowerPoint files, which is a big bonus.

    Unfortunately, Presentation cant save in the PowerPoint format. Thats a pity. It also lacks some fairly fundamentalbits and bobs found in PowerPoint. For example, you cant draw shapes, design your own templates or create
    transitions between slides. Thats the bad stuff out of the way. What does it do well?
    The online and collaborative elements are excellent. For a start, you can access your presentations wherever youcan find an Internet connection and a browser. In theory, you could turn up to do a presentation totally sans laptop.In addition, you can invite others to view (or even edit) your presentations. You can also give presentations online,
    using the built-in text chat feature to discuss slides with your audience. When it can save documents in PowerPoint format and allows you to draw arrows, Ill be totally convinced.
    You can try out Google Docs here:

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