Google Down??!??

    Or is it just my poxy ISP?


    Just you

    Original Poster

    It's wierd, it sits there for ages with 'waiting for' then downloads half the page and freezes :? That's normally an HUKD exclusive :lol:

    Pretty weird behaviour for google....


    Maybe somebody has attacked some more undersea internet lines :lol:


    hapening to me too... i'm with talktalk

    Me too !

    No Google, No knowledge. It's the end of my world I tell ye !!

    Oh and I'm on talktalk too, looks like Charles Dunstone is planning an all out attack !!

    Original Poster

    I'm on Onetel, so same difference :lol:

    Poxy, poxy company. Oh well, at least P2P is still smooth

    same here. on talk talk. google taking an age to load

    Back to normal now 6:40am

    Praise be to our beloved leader

    wow you lot get up so early ! or haven't you been to bed yet ?

    Google needs to sleep too you know ............................

    Still happening to me - I'm with AOL!

    It was doing it to me last night and this morning but seems to have stopped now. Im also on TalkTalk



    Back to normal now 6:40amPraise be to our beloved leader


    I dont know what you signed up to? i was just in it for the cheap internet! :-D
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