Posted 14th Dec 2022
Both my wife's phone and mine are getting storage notifications from Google drive about being almost full and so I see there's an option to upgrade to 100gb for £15ish a year. With phones being so important in our lives, has this become a necessary cost now? Just wondering what people are doing to save their photos especially as we seem to change phones more often as well
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    Could take them off the cloud and keep them on your PC, then have an external hard drive to back them up to.

    There’s alternatively things like Amazon who do free cloud photo storage too if you fancy moving it elsewhere to a competitor.
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    I use Google photos and pay the £1.59 a month or whatever it is through opinion rewards payouts.
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    You can can share any of the storage plans between you.

    Top tip do a Google takeout every couple of months and download everything to a hard drive. It is not safe to have all your data in one system (edited)
    How do share the storage? 100gb is plenty enough for the two of us

    Edit - as I've read into it, each person gets 15gb, which is the free part anyway, then we have to 'share' the rest ie everything is merged? Am I wrong? (edited)
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    I do Google Opinion rewards which pays for the Google one storage.
    Same for me. Lidl has been added to the surveys now and ours it at the end of the street so that's me a winner. Just paid the £15 outright and still have £9 left in its balance. Such a great system. Can see them cutting back on it soon lol
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    google rewards for me also. storage pays for itself
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    Thanks for pointing out Rewards, I'll do that then. I seem to get surveyed quite often but my wife less so. Is that because she doesn't generally bother with it?

    weeZL - the rewards can vary quite a bit, from less than 5p up to 80p depending on the number of questions asked I find. Anyone shared a receipt? Do you get more for doing that?
    If you provide a receipt you get close to 35/40p if not can still be around 28p. It may very of course.
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    Ask yourself these questions.
    How important are your data/files/photos? Do you trust the cloud infrastructure and the companies managing your stuff to be there whenever you need your data/photos?
    If you were to store your stuff "locally" on storage you trust and is readily available would that be more acceptable? Would this storage need to be portable?
    How old is the photo you have that you have never viewed? What is the oldest photo you last viewed and how old is it? How many photos do you have? Do you edit all your photos? What method do you use to categorise/sort/search for your photos? How often do you carry out housekeeping, deleting photos very similar to each other, or you simply no longer need?
    Cloud storage can be great, but just because you can store and pay for multi GB does not mean you should - unless you are too rich to be bothered.
    I'm always bothered how I spend my money lol. We take so many pictures nowadays and 99% of it I'll delete after a while but the 1% I do want to keep, I'd feel better knowing it's backed up somewhere.
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    Unlimited photo storage with Amazon Prime.
    Is that right? My Amazon photos app says 5gb?

    Apologies, it's videos that's 5gb (edited)
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    I used Google photos for years, it's good but be warned it's not that easy to get your data out of it.

    I had around 25k photos in there and using Google takeout gave me around 100k photos as it kept duplicating photos and adding random files.

    Now i have everything hosted locally. If you're happy to be locked into Google then it's a good choice imo
    What do you use to host locally? Nextcloud?
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    Log in to Google Photos and check how many are in their original size. Google offers to shrink them to a HQ format - in my experience, unless you print them on large size, this format is more than sufficient for almost any purpose. I did this and it freed up around 5GB space from the 15GB quota. On your computer, go to, log in, then Settings - Manage Storage. Under Recover Storage, choose "existing photos and videos" to Storage Saver.
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    I just paid the £15
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    How many surveys do you need to complete to earn enough for the additional storage?
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    With Google rewards I make about £40/yr from quick surveys that this covers the cost of a 200gb storage plan on Google for me (£25/yr).

    I cba to go through my online cloud data to delete the bits I don't need. Google has a rubbish platform for organising stored content.
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    I have the 2TB Google One and pay approx £14/yr
    Surely that's per month?
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