google earth free app on iphone so so cool !!

    i have been playing with this app on the iphone now for a few days first its free but what a cool app, just click on current location bang it zooms into where you are, then click search type in for example taxi and lt lists all the taxi ranks near, should be even better when fw 2.2 is out and street view comes into play



    I had that on my HTC about 2 years ago.

    Got Tom Tom on it yet?


    the porter;3332806

    tomtom isnt on the iphone yet re your htc never had one where they any … tomtom isnt on the iphone yet re your htc never had one where they any good?

    Put it this way. I waited patiently for the touch diamond to come out on O2. Took too damned long - and thought I'd give the iPhone a go. It went back within 14 days.

    TomTom works fine on all the HTC phones Ive had (Hermes and Kaiser)

    I decided in the not not to get the touch diamond after it became available. Still not sure what to go for. Probably the Sony Experia ticks all the right boxes.

    I wont deny there are a few thinks I liked about the iPhone - just not enough and I certainly saw it was less of a wow and more of the hype thats selling it.

    i LOVE my touch diamond - it's brill - haven't even scratched the surface of what it can do

    would love some step by steps as to how to put TT on it

    thanks :thumbsup:
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