google g1 o2 mms help!

    just got a google g1, unlocked, all working fine, got the mobile net going, calls, texts etc, but i can't figure out where to put the mms settings in and what to put in. I've had a look round the net and can't find anything. I've tried sending mms and can't. Can anyone help?


    Im in the same boat.

    Cant seem to find anything on 02.

    If you find it, please let me know, or the setting's if you find them.


    [url][/url] Support General Help Phone Help Get … [url][/url]> Support> General Help> Phone Help> Get SettingsTaking you to,/?St=345,E=0000000002457274930,K=5466,Sxi=5,T=Mobile_support,cmd=newSo easy, all you do is follow the obvious steps.

    I was actually in there. For sum reason it loads up the left column and nothing else!

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    i actually knew about this and had done it 20 times before over the years but just assumed the settings wouldn't work on the android. However just went to the site and of course the site is down, well not down but the send settings option won't work!

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    Working fine for me, just checked.

    when i put my number in and click next, this is what i get....

    Please Contact Customer Service

    Unfortunately, we are not able to process your settings request at this time. Please contact Customer Service or your account manager to discuss further options.

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    Any luck?

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    no man, that o2 site thing still down. well the site is up as i said but keeps giving me an error!

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    Settings for mms:Message Server just … Settings for mms:Message Server just tell it to use your internet profile, the internet settings I have are:apn: o2wappassword: is starred down so try google it.

    cheers for that mate, but where abouts on the g1 do you put them? thats if indeed you have a g1

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    I don't have one so have no idea. Why not just ring O2 and ask if they … I don't have one so have no idea. Why not just ring O2 and ask if they can send you them.

    thats thats what i'll end up doing mate. problem is i don't think the android os accepts the way they send the settings. we'll see i guess.
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