Google Hijack! Not Expired!!!

    Hi everyone, I have recentley noticed that when searching through Google I have been redirected through a website called "" to a website that has nothing to do with my searched criteria. I have managed to do a search on this "starfeed2" and have discovered that this is a hijacking virus-I am not too sure of the implications and of how to get rid of it. I have tried many virus protection software with no avail. If there is anyone outthere who has experienced this before and/or can tell me how to fix the problem I would be most grateful.


    What virus software do you use? Why are pretty mcuh all threads closed as spam or expired now? hotuk is getting silly.

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    Indeed I wondered why it was noted as expired all I want to do is warn people and try and get some advise!-I have used the free AVG version 8 and Panda.

    Make sure you have it set to look at all files and check your system

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    Yes I have made it check all files-is this a common virus or just one that goes undetected?

    on the same subject - i get mywebsearch coming up - tried deleting it - cant find it to delete!!!:thinking:

    any suggestions please

    Theres a few virus's going round at the moment, that change so much that i had to rebuilt my pc twice, useing kaspersky and spyware doctor
    Didnt seem to help.

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    Thats better its not coming up as expired!

    Cant someone stop the clown thats expiring every post? its making more work for the mods...


    Yes I have made it check all files-is this a common virus or just one … Yes I have made it check all files-is this a common virus or just one that goes undetected?

    Turn off system restore (if using XP) - run CCleaner, look at Hijack this (be careful what you delete not everything here is bad) etc.

    Have you tried using something like Firefox or Opera to see if the issue persists ? You could also add a redirect to your hosts file (point the dodgy website to

    What to do is reset your pc..just before the windows load screen comes up press F8 and select 'safe mode with networking options'. Once XP has loaded up do a scan with your virus software and / or Spyware software. Safe mode is just a basic loaded version of XP but without hardly any background tasks running.

    Looks like you have a browser hijacker running in the background which hopefully your virus / sypware software will be able to get rid of it.


    Apparently AVG free is capable of deleting this.
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