Google Moneytree Paid for searching !

    Anyone tried this, someone on my MSN emailed me a link....

    Never heard of it, I dont think it is anything to do with Google, not sure....

    Any advice ?



    Link please

    mrvot;5160209's a scam

    great minds :w00t:

    Original Poster

    NP... I should have googled 1st lol



    mrvot;5160209's a scam

    Great advice!

    there is a website that you can download a search bar from and get paid for searching though, I use it and know a few other people who do.

    ]My homepage friends

    I joined in April 08 and have made £42.03 so far. Its not a lot, but its money for nothing because I was doing those searches anyway. Plus, I dont search much. I have been paid £35.73

    If you get people to join through you then you get earnings from their searches as well (and they dont get any less). So, I would appreciate it if I could refer anyone (just send me a PM). :thumbsup:

    I use homepagefriends you only get 2p per search but if your on the net searching quite a bit it will prob build up. Only other neg is it uses yahoo. ]myHomepagefriends


    bit more info please...............

    Sorry, went to get the link from another tab and thought I had added it! :oops: Updated my post now
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