Google Nest Mini or Echo Dot?

Posted 23rd Nov
Looking to get either of above for the kids but wonder which is easier to have for individual kids to set up. Thinking the Echo Dots have to be attached to the same account or each to an separate amazon account but kids too young to have their own account. Want the kids to be able to use their own Spotify family account on their device and I think that would work better on the Google mini Nest.

Looking for advice on the issue as not sure how it will work having 3 devices but keeping them personalised to each individual.
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For me the main issue is sound, dots sound better, reviews say even better than the nest mini. Just open your own accounts for them and let them use the dots that way.
Interesting about the sound I read that the Nest had better sound. How easy is it to set up another account? Is it just name and email required or do you have to add payment details?
I have the Google Home Mini V1 and Echo Dots (3rd gen). The Echo is significantly better sound wise but the new Nest Min (GHM v2) may have sorted that. For general use the GHM's are so much better, better voice recognition and insanely more powerful, I can ask for directions, opening times (Alexa can do a few of the biggies but GHM does a lot more), bus times etc. Half of it Alexa just says I'm sorry I don't know that.
Went for the Google Nest Mini.
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