Google Nexus one O2 for ~£110 + £35pm for 24 months

This is my first post so please be gentle.

I wanted a new phone and the best you can get in UK at the moment is the iPhone. Now wanting to be different and have some new technology,I though I would try a Nexus One. Firstly, I ordered an iPhone 3G 8GB free from O2 on a 24 month contract @ £35pm and sold this on ebay for £300. These go for between £300 and £330 New boxed and sealed on ebay. Don't be tempted to open it though as you will lose its value. Bear in mind that you pay 10% ebay fees + paypal fees, but if you list it as a "buy it now" rather than an auction you significantly reduce the fees. So I had about £260 profit after it sold. Now I went to and ordered the Nexus One as follows

Qty Item Price
1 Nexus One phone USD529.00
1 AC adapter - Country-specific AC adapter USD19.00
1 Shipping - DHL international USD36.57
Tax : USD0.00
Total: USD584.57

Which converts on to £373.81 today (06/02/10)- Mine was £352.56

3 days later it turned up - cleared customs @ east midlands airport with no problems so no duty and no tax (I'm not sure how this works legally).

I also ordered the Nexus One Desktop Dock, which I would highly recommend. I wished I'd got 2 now - one for home and one for work.

So a bit of a long winded way to get it, but something I would certainly do again as its nice to be one of the first to get a new toy. And its unlocked so will sell on really easily too when I want my next new toy :o)

Just thought I'd share this with you as I think this is a great way to have this for a reasonable price. Bear in mind that they will more than likely be high prices when they come out here - remember when the iPhone first came out!!!!

If one person benefits from this that I will be happy.


To be quite honest, this is loooong. Cold from me.

But I've repped you for trying!


Reported the thread to be moved to misc, Its not really a deal, more of a tip

A good one at that but not for me.

I would say it's a warm deal. The nexxus is a good phone and in some aspects better than the iphone. Of course alot more apps for the iphone but android apps are also easily available.
P.S. You will get a import duty in about week or so, £60-65 depending on the exchange rate.

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£110 is the difference between what you sell the iPhone for and what this will cost you - and the £35pm for 24 month is what you pay for the iPhone O2 Contract.


were does the £110 and 24 months @ £35 a month come into it?

read again and you might work it out;-)

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P.S. You will get a import duty in about week or so, £60-65 depending on … P.S. You will get a import duty in about week or so, £60-65 depending on the exchange rate.

humm - thanks for that - I will wait with excitement for that one then ;-)

@everyone-else. Thanks for your comments and not being too harsh ;-) just thought someone might benefit from this.
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