Google One Discount Code Request Thread

Posted 6th Dec 2018
With the recent 20-25% Google One codes doing the rounds, if anyone has a spare one please share it with members requesting below. Please add requests below and edit posts if and when you receive a code.

Can I request one please.
Edit: I have one now, thanks miikeyblue
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I would like one too please.
I've tried the proper process and upgraded, but didn't receive a code so if anyone could please send me one I'd appreciate it
I would also like a code: also subscribed this morning and got nothing, so thought I'd give it a stab here!
I would love a code please, I subscribed but no code unfortunatly. If anyone has a spare that would be amazing
Would be great if anyone has one that's not in use. I really want a pixel but missed out on the black Friday deal

In return I could give a meerkat/unidays code
I would love a code please - happy to swap for any current Wuntu type offers if that's possible / something you need.
Please may I have a code if someone has one spare. I can offer wuntu or meerkat code in return. Thanks
Me too please!
I would really be grateful for one
Need it for a christmas present
spare code appreciated. thanks!
I would grateful for a code too, please. I signed up for the 2TB subscription this morning but haven't received a code. If anyone has a spare that would be amazing!
Copying my request from the other thread

Hate to be that guy, but if there is a spare code going I'd be happy to offer Wuntu/Unidays/Meerkats codes in return?
Same here, if there's a spare discount code going. Many thanks.
Would appreciate a code too, could offer a unidays/studentbeans/wuntu code in returns. Thanks.
Hey, if anyone has a spare code they would like to donate then greatly appreciated here 👋👋👋👋👋
I shall add my voice to the many above. A code would be great please. I am no more or less deserving than anyone else. I have no sob stories to tell or charities I wish to support with said code! I would just be a happy 🐰 if someone helps me out.. Ta. 🦊
would like one please as well. Greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Looking to get the wife a Christmas present and would appreciate a code if anyone has one spare. thanks
I know it's a long shot, but a code would be great to get a Nest Hello and Home Hub for our new place. Thanks in advance!
Code for everyone, I would like to get one also please!
Here here. I would love a code as well. I've been eyeing for one since it's release!
If anyone got a spare code please pm me. Thank you.
Love the fact I have nothing I need to backup in my love, seems so expensive.. I have maybe 3gb of photos
I'd really appreciate a code please. Thanks in advance
Count me in for a spare code if anyone has one to donate - I don't really have anything else to donate in return other than extreme gratitude
I would really appreciate a spare code if anyone has one. Thanks
Hoping for a code also, thanks in advance
can I have the spare code please, plese PM me
DESPERATE for a code please
Would really appreciate a code if someone could donate. Thanks!
Code for me Id possible my girlfriend needs a new phone for Xmas Ty in advance
I’d appreciate a code too, buying a phone for my mrs for Christmas. Thanks
Could I get a code please? Thanks!
@d10brp I've just PMd you, did you get a code? I've got a 20% off code spare.
Any spare codes going please?
miikeyblue6 m ago

@d10brp I've just PMd you, did you get a code? I've got a 20% off code …@d10brp I've just PMd you, did you get a code? I've got a 20% off code spare.

Just seen this, I've PM'd you. Very kind, thanks
I would appreciate a code, just PM me plz
Upgraded but no luck with a code. If anyone has one spare I would appreciate it, thanks
+1 would love a code please!
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