Google one, Turkish and family share

Posted 25th Jun 2022 (Posted 8 h, 36 m ago)
Hi everyone

Has anyone managed to get the Google one storage via Turkish prices and then been able to share with family?

I've tried to use the Turkish account I used with Disney plus, and it allows me to sub to the Google 1 storage on Turkish prices but crucially when I try to add family members, the family members accounts states they cannot join because the person sharing is not in the country.

Tried a bunch of vpns but nothing budging.

Anyone managed to get it to work?
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    Never been able to get sharing yo work cross country, my wife had to move her German account to the uk before I could add her to my family.
    And you can only move country once every year, right? Oh well, I'll have to settle for the cheap Disney plus sub
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    It won't work. It's been mentioned at least three hundred thousand times on this site but you have to get people on your family account before you do anything with the VPN or accounts.
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    Use Google rewards to earn credit and use that to pay towards it. I've never had to pay any of my money for the 100tb plan and I share it with my family.
    I am but hardly get any of the surveys these days
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