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Found 21st Nov 2017
I have been using it for the past 1 year. Yes you need to answer survey and yes you do not get much from it. But it did save me a few quid in-game purchase and the survey itself is usually take 1-3 questions only. 2834213.jpg
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Tip for anyone using this - answer the questions honestly.
Randomly haven't had any surveys in months after having loads before.
not had one in about a year. shame it was nice to use for in app purchases
I find having your GPS on seems to prompt it in to asking me in a survey if I've recently visited X, Y, Z in the following days.
I'm well over £30 +
Google Opinion Rewards is for people who don't care about privacy and being tracked.
They make vast amount of money from your data, but they give you a few pence back, so you keep coming back for more.
I'm pretty sure your other apps are leaking data too.
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