Google photos app taking up space.

Found 9th Oct 2015
my Mrs has a 3rd gen moto G 8gb and like many, she has had to delete or move files to free up internal storage. I noticed that her Google photos app is showing over 1gb of data on the phone but the phone is new and she has only taken 2 photos. I checked my z1 and my Google photos app is only using 57mb of data but I have taken god knows how many photos. can anyone explain why the app is showing over 1gb of data being used? I thought the photos app was mainly used for access to cloud photos. I don't want to select clear data incase it deletes all her cloud photos.
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Did you actually go in the app to see what's in her Google photos or just the gallery on the phone? Usually clearing cache frees up space.
mine is at 88mb. But my Google movies app is showing 2gb!!!
just cleared the data on google play movies and TV and now the app is only 22mb. still working fine!
Just use the phones charging USB lead and connect to a pc via USB. The phone will act like a USB memory stick. Just browse files on phone using pc mouse and keyboard and locate the photos stored on the phones memory. Copy and paste the photos onto pc drive. When your satisfied they are on pc keep phone plugged into pc and select the photos again on phone and delete. I do this every 6 months or so. Then you need to browse the Google online photos and remove the unwanted pictures. Im Sure YouTube will have a how to so take a look.
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