Google photos, how does it work?

    If I upload the entire contents of my pictures to google photos. Then I decide I want to delete lots of bad shots, and I delete them offline locally on my computer. Do they get removed from my google photos as well?

    Or if I upload everything and then start deleting things using the google photos site, will they also get deleted on my local computer hard drive?

    What would happen if I bought a new laptop, and copied the my pictures folder to the new machine. Would google photos re upload the whole lot again meaning I would have duplictes of everything?

    I am uploading everything now (about 30gb of photos), but I have not removed all the bad shots/shots I don’t want. I plan on doing this later, but I want to keep my local machine and google photos in sync.

    Thanks for any help.


    With unlimited storage and the ability to search for photos Im not bothered about removing bad photos. We should all delete naff photos as we go but don't worry about it. I don't. To answer your question. No. I'm not aware of a way of removing from phone, pc, tablet and Google photos all at the same time. What happens of you got a virus that removed photos from your pc that then did the same with your backup Google drive. Thats why I don't think it would be a good idea anyway. Just dump the lot on Google.

    Oh. If you edit and rename photos it's possible Google would upload them again. Same photos with same meta data won't be uploaded again.

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    Thanks Wayners I think I got it, so whatever I delete locally won't get removed online and vice versa.

    Is there any point in keeping a copy on my PC anymore then? I guess it would give me access if I ever needed it and wasn't online.

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    If one day for no reason Google thought your account was being used for something it shouldn't and closed it what would you do? I heard that as happened although unlikely I guess. Always keep photos in 2 locations one of which off site. Thats Google then... I dump my stuff on memory sticks plus I have a second drive built in pc with some on. Sticks are good and cheap these days
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