Google Pixel Gen1 & Galaxy S7 edge- Has anyone had both?

Found 18th Feb
Looking to buy one of these last gen models for cheap, however Not sure which one to go for.
I don't really care about the latest and greatest cpu or name or looks (personally I think the samsung makes low quality laggy junk from my past experience and I don't trust that brand very much,however I'm open to be proved otherwise)

Has anyone maybe had both and can tell me which one is better in each of these fields?

-Overall build quality and durability ( I see there are tons of smashed s7 models on ebay with lots of different other faults, google pixels..not so much)
-Which one has better/brighter flashlight? ( I know that the S7 has really nice and bright flash,however I don't know about pixel)
-Is the google pixel camera WAY better than the S7 edge or only very marginally better or about the same?
-Which one has better sound quality (external speakers- I like to play radio/music on loadspeaker while I'm working, don't care about earphones)
-Battery life while on stadby/very low daily usage?

I already have watched few yt videos and researched about them,however I want feedback from real users.
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From the sounds of it your not a tinkerer, both are good and for your needs the pixel will be better, but for me I'd prefer the Samsung its lot sexier and with tweaking it is as fast as the pixel
I have always read that the Samsung S7 has the best all round camera and is certainly better in low light situations, probably due to the lager sensor.
I would pick the Samsung mainly because the Pixel screen is just too small.
can't comment on the Google but had my s7 for almost two years now and have no complaints about it. all apps work as they should it's fast and it's well made. I've dropped it several times and it's fine (got a hard case on it ). good luck with your decision.
anyone had both maybe?
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