Google Pixel Phone

    Hi, does anyone knows if there is any bloatware and carrier splash screen on Google Pixel bought on contract?


    Shouldn't be. Should be stock Android only with the new stuff like the Google assistant etc

    I would be very surprised if there was, UK networks are generally very good at not putting bloatware on phones unless they are network branded (e.g. Vodafone Smart Ultra 6), although some networks are better than others with Vodafone probably being the worst.

    check unboxing videos

    Not sure if it helps but i got a contract phone from 3 and i get a 3 screen on start up mines not a google pixel tho

    Its a Google phone so you get the pure Android experience.

    Definitely won't have any of that stuff. Goes against the whole "Pure Android" experience that the Pixel offers

    Possibly have network bloatware.
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