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Found 4th Mar
I got that 4 month Google Play Music trial the other day.
I'm currently using Spotify to play from my PC, TV and stream to bluetooth devices.
Can Google Play Music do all of that? I presume the bluetooth devices won't be a problem, but I am unsure if there is a windows client to play from my PC, nor how I would have it stream to my TV from my phone (I have a Spotify app on the android TV).

Or is Google Play Music inferior in terms of flexibility comapred to Spotify?
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Not sure mate but I would rather use Spotify than anything else!
cmdr_elito2 m ago

Not sure mate but I would rather use Spotify than anything else!

Yeah I'm very comfortable with Spotify, but a 4 month Google free trial was too good to pass up.
I'm in the same boat. I prefer Play music because I have all my music uploaded to their server anyway including loads of audio books and podcasts, but one downside is it isn't available in certain apps like the Samsung multiroom app (which allows me to play music through my TV to my 7.1 speaker system and two wireless Samsung R7 speakers)
Spotify is much better IMHO. I would suggest using a months trial whilst keeping your Spotify subscription just to see and if the trial is awful then keep with Spotify.
type google music in google log in and play
I was a long time user of google music, then tried Amazon prime music as it was free with Prime sub...

But after moving to Spotify I'd never go back. it's light years better and if you can share a 'Household' subscription with some 'Family members' at £2.50 per month it's cracking value.
Spotify all day long !
How does Deezer compare to Spotify in terms of being able to use it via a Windows app/client?
I want to be able to switch between phone/TV/PC - Spotify is good like this; can Deezer do that?
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