Google Stadia released today!

Posted 19th Nov
Anyone got one pre-ordered?
I'm considering getting one but may wait a month or two to check first hand reviews.

Watched a few videos that suggest it'll be a flop but I'm not so sure.
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I'm not impressed with it at all. The idea of streaming games sounds terrible. Also how much bandwidth would you need to have a lag-free experience? This will flop for sure!
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True. I watched one video suggesting a solid 35mbs to experience a lag free game....
It's capable of 4k gaming which suffer with many households stability, I imagine.
Reviews aren't good so far, essentially paying to beta test it.

Game pricing is daft too as by the time you've bought a few you could have a bought an Xbox or PS4 with those same games instead for about what you paid for Stadia and the games.
I'd disagree about the reviews being bad. The reviews state the technology appears to work very well. The issue is the range of games available. If Google can crack this then it could be a very big win for them. Have to get the pricing right though. Xbox Game Pass is much cheaper at the moment. Still waiting for my Founders edition to arrive. Anyone else got theirs?
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Just got despatch email now, arriving tomorrow.
Google Stadia doesn't run Destiny 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2 at 4K resolution, exhibits more input lag than Xbox One…lag
Many games don't run at 4K on Stadia.
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