Posted 1st Dec 2022
Ordered a pixel 7 not so long with a outrageous amount trade in for my iphone 8+ 256GB, £198 trade in estimated

Ok, I ordered straight away got my pixel 7 in 2 days, all good till now.

Now packed my iphone with original box, original charger, original lead and original earphones and sent to PCS wireless

Got in few days later an email with confirmation of my trade in £0, no reason has been made but they evaluate £0! Shocked

Ok, they sent me back my device like this, will be a picture attached!

My phone in a simple plastic bag!!!

Made a video of packing my iphone just in case! After received my phone like this contacted google support and started a discussion,well found out I didn’t check terms and conditions for trade in and they said there to remove all accessories!

Thought will be like Cex, if you have full box with accessories will take more!

I lost the possibility to sell my iphone now at his real value!
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    So you didn’t read the terms and conditions? I’m not sure what the issue is here tbh.
    You send a phone for trade in not buying a house or a car! But anyway, read the email with instructions for trade in and nothing was stated there.

    Issue is to make people aware about this “issue”
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    Wouldn't they usually give a reason to knock it down to £0?
    No, nothing

    The battery is not damaged, the screen is not damaged, basically the phone is in great condition. Google has been waited confirmation by PCS wireless and answer is we couldn’t valuate the item
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    Probably another reason not to use foreign stores for allegded deals.
    Google UK store is similar to Apple UK store - both are not based in UK.
    Well, the phone has been ordered from google store UK.

    PCS trade in wireless is their third party company who dealings with trade in, as well based in UK
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