Google Wallet wanting passport, drivers licence, utility bill images to unlock account???

Found 28th Apr 2013
I updated my CC details in Google Wallet as my old card had expired however now the account has been suspended, something about not being able to verify my original supplied details?

However to unlock the account they want me to upload images of either my passport/drivers licence/government ID card and a utility bill.

I'm rather reluctant to do this as I don't know how trustworthy/security concious Google and their employees are and feel it is overkill to be able to buy a few apps from the play store.

I've checked it's not a phishing attack and it seems genuine, what do people think?
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According to that link it was a legitimate request

http://towncommons.twit.tv/showthread.php?tid=2850According to that link … http://towncommons.twit.tv/showthread.php?tid=2850According to that link it was a legitimate request

Cheers for the reply, yes it looks like it is, just don't really fancy giving Google copies of such personally sensitive documents. It's normally banks etc that want those types of documents when creating accounts. I will see if I can find a link to the email link the guys talking about.

Other people with similar problem and their … Other people with similar problem and their answershttp://productforums.google.com/forum/m/#!topic/gmail/QQeJh7jaeCQ

Interesting read thanks. Seems like Google has caught on as when you try to access the online form to contact them it directs me back to the verification page.
I've had to go through the process myself to unblock my account. It's a legitimate request and my account access was restored within a few hours of emailing the details over.
Everyone confirming that it's a legitimate request please just shut up. The op knows that it came directly from Google, he is just being normal and questioning the legitimacy (in the bigger picture) and security of their request. I for one would tell them to go jump. But then again I would always look for alternatives to giving someone my card details. Humans do not deserve to be trusted anymore unfortunately
A quick update, I have sent a few emails back and forth and neither party are deciding to budge. I will use Amazon App store for time being.

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