Google Wave invites up for Grabs

I have 24 Google Wave invitations if anyone is interested

if you want one send me your email address and Ill add you to the invite list


Original Poster

NI User;7267806

Yes [email protected] in advance

I have added you, it takes a day or 2 to come through

pm you my email address

What is it? This doesn't really help!…ave

What is a ""personal communication and collaboration tool"?

Prob not a good idea to post your email on open forum , have used pm myself



What is it? This doesn't really help! … What is it? This doesn't really help! is a ""personal communication and collaboration tool"?

Any participant of a wave can reply anywhere within the message, edit any part of the wave, and add participants at any point in the process. Each edit/reply is a blip and users can reply to individual blips within waves. Recipients are notified of changes/replies in all waves in which they are active and, upon opening a wave, may review those changes in chronological order. In addition, waves are live. All replies/edits are visible in real-time, letter by letter, as they are typed by the other collaborators. Multiple participants may edit a single wave simultaneously in Google Wave.

Seems pretty straight forward to me :whistling:

thanks for adding me

Can I add my name to the list please? Will pm address though cheers.

got this now thanks again!

i"ll have one please. Ive PM'ed u my email address
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