Posted 11th Jul 2021
so my google account is now full (free 15gb) I use it mainly for google sheets as enjoy a spreadsheet or 2, but bc my account is full I cant edit them anymore. It would cost me £16 for the year if i want to buy more storage this would give me 100gb but just wondering if there are any alternatives to consider? Free would be the best option. I don't have microsoft office on my laptop otherwise would use excel. I used to use open office ages ago but since having google have used that. I quite like the cloud storage idea as it means i can also access it from my phone which is really handy for quickly updating the spreadsheets as i go instead of having to wait until i'm at home at laptop/pc.
I've used onedrive a bit for work but not really for personal use, I don't find it as smooth as google though i guess i'd get more comfortable with it if i started using it more frequently. Do they have a bigger free allowance?

It used to be that google documents didnt count towards the consumption of storage but i think this is changing/has changed hence why i'm all out. It seems pointless switching to onedrive if free storage isnt much bigger combined with the hassle of having the download my google spreadsheets & then hope they maintain format when opening in excel.

Are there any free alternatives, or cheaper alternatives anyone can recommend or should i just punt out the £16 for google
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