GoPro accessories with SJ4000.

    I bought myself a SJ4000 to be used on mountain biking back home. Although, SJ4000 which is cheap and ALMOST as good, is an alternative for GoPro (as people said), Will the accessories like mounts for bikes, chest strap, head strap etc from GoPro fit SJ4000?
    I'm thinking of buying these accessories from my friend who has sold his GoPro and is left with few accessories just to save myself few bucks.
    Thanks guys. Any response is much appreciated.


    Not much help but I'll open by saying the sj4000 mount does look very similar to the go pro one. I bought the muvi HD one and it is compatible with a good firm push. Get pictures of both up on t'interweb and you'll see what I mean.
    I assume your mate is nowhere nearby so you can try before you buy?
    I'll buy chest strap if you don't want
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    Just an update for anyone who is thinking of using GoPro accessories with SJ4000...
    GoPro accessories does fit....



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