GoPro Hero 5 Black info please

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looking to dip my toe into 'on the go action cameras and have been looking at the GOPro Hero 5 Black.

it seems to get rave reviews and thought it would be a good starting camera with all features that I need.

any users got one and what are their thoughts on it?

also can you download the footage/pics from this straight onto an iPhone? Without connecting to iTunes or wifi? Just I would like to be able to get the footage off of the GoPro and onto the iPhone whilst I am out and about (don't want to pay the subscription).

Also anyone seen any cheap deals for one

thanks in advance
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Yes you can download the vids/pics. I'm sure it's one at a time (might be wrong) but there are certain things you need to do on a computer, like creating a time lapse. There is a time lapse video now but killer on battery. The way this works is by connecting to a wireless network created by the camera itself meaning you have to disconnect from other networks to download so remember to reconnect if uploading or sending videos or it'll drain your data. Easy mistake to make.

Connecting to the GoPro's wifi allows you to use your phone as a remote which is great. You can change settings and preview your shot. Very handy if you've got it in a place out of reach.

The biggest advantages of the hero 5 over any other camera (including previous GoPro models) is that it is waterproof without the use of a housing case. I don't know if this has impacted on the audio quality over previous models but don't see any other disadvantage to the change in design. The only reason I'm not forking out on an upgrade is that it makes the extra housings I've bought obsolete. The other new feature on the 5 is the handsfree control. Tell it to take a pic and it does. No need to click. I have a wireless remote so don't feel I'm missing out on much there.

The thing you need to ask yourself is "what am I going to use it for?" If it's just to use as a point and shoot camera then fire your iPhone onto a selfie stick and you're sorted. If you do any water sports then it's great, loads of mounts for other sports like bikes, helmets, cars etc. Watch some YouTube videos for inspiration before forking out.

I have the hero4 black...this has no screen which doesn't bother me and has better specs than the silver with screen. If you're pointing it in the rough direction of what you want to capture then it WILL capture it. The field of view is amazing. You can use your phone as stated before if you do want to set up a specific shot. The screen being on only drains your battery.

If it's a GoPro you want then anything from the Hero3+ is what you should go for. You'll get better deals on the older models but I believe the 3+ still does 1080p. They introduced 4K with the 4 but it eats space on the card so I usually opt for HD anyway. Loads of compatible accessories with cheaper alternatives. Smatree batteries and charger from Amazon for example. If you want the 5 then expect to pay top dollar as it is just out. It should fit most standard mounts but may not have many options for spare batteries which are a must. I always carry 3 (1 in and 2 spare) but if you're using it out and about for long spells with no way to plug the spares in then you might want more.

I've not tried the cheaper cameras but loads of good reviews on these too. If it really is just to see if you'll use it then spending hundreds could be avoided. Try the cheap one then upgrade if you're unsure. Don't forget the micro SD cards. I don't think any of these cameras come with internal storage.

Hope this all helps.
Thanks both! Both comments are extremely helpful
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