Gordon brown and his bottom lip ...

    Is it just me noticing this or what. He pulls in his bottom lip towards his teeth when breathing in. When you start noticing it ... it becomes damn annoying !

    Please tell me I am still sane.


    you are still sane - it annoys the hell out of me
    wheres his wee bonnie accent gone?

    Your still sane, it just makes everything he says seem so insincere!
    It's just not a trustworthy trait... I daren't watch him for too long in case that lip trembling stuff rubs off on me!

    I think its a malfunction

    Original Poster


    Original Poster


    I think its a malfunction

    That or he used to play the saxophone a lot !

    Yes, and he has odd movements with his hands as well when making speeches, moving them all around the pages. He's obviously uncomfortable in public and this shows in various mannerisms. Personally, this makes me trust him more, not less. The ones you have to fear are the smoothies like ol' Tony.

    Yes, he might have been a sax player too

    is this the thing he normally does or a new trait as a result of him being uncomfortable in public?

    i remember him talking about it at a conference and it was a result of an injury he suffered when he played rugby, he also had a detached retina but they managed to save one eye

    thats cause he lying through his teeth

    It irks me no end, I think it's a ploy to detract from the bull he spews, we're all too busy watching him gooping.

    yes it cracks me up !

    Don't know what you mean

    I can't watch the man because of it, its so distracting just waiting for it and he never fails to do it!

    Drives me up the wall!!!! :w00t:

    You can easily tell when he is lying.........his lips move
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