Gormet Burger voucher? disappeared

    where did the voucher thread disappear too?

    is it invalid or something?


    Dunno...I posted it and am trying to find it myself
    Can someone (mods) please tell me why its disappeared? Thanks!

    There be one on MSE as a lot of the meal deals/restaurant vouchers go on there aswell.

    juliet_bravo;6236697 it's a dupe … it's a dupe of this one

    thanks Juliet. The expiry date on the link you posted said "All day every day until 6th September" so I thought the voucher had expired. The link still seems to be valid though, so yes, its a dupe
    Thanks for pointing that out!

    Original Poster

    so i can use this then!?
    do they do kids meals, or am i better off using a voucher?

    Yeh they do kids meals but prob better off using the voucher.
    It depends, if you wanna spend a couple of quid less then just get the kids meals. You can still use the voucher on the kids meals
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