Found 19th Sep 2010

So I got told by my lecturers start of last year that I really need to be doing creative things in my spare time (other than drinking and playing ps3) to further my writing skills.

Anyway starting from tomorrow I'm starting my blog entitled
How to live with women - 365 days living in a house with only women (scared already)

Anyway you can read it here

If anyone else has a blog post it here and we can all have a read!

Havent got a blog?
Start one today!

Hopefully wanna use this thread similarly to the photos thread to allow people to share their blogs with others
(and hopefully motivate me to keep up with mine)


I'm coming up on 7 years of renting out rooms in (formerly my parents) my house in a house share.

For a few months I had only girls, which isn't the problem, it just seems to me most under 25 year old women/girls, have a problem if you try and instigate any kind of order, now maybe the way I did it was flawed, but we'll leave that aside for now, the general consensus being that they were paying rent, to get away from their institutionalised/routine'd parents house and thus had an inimical right to act like a diva/be slobs/be confrontational/be inconsiderate/be disrespectful/be childish/do guilt trips using their gender to gain sympathy/play the victim/accusations of bulling etc etc, all to varying degrees and in varying styles.

All ultimately to get away with behavior similar to that of a spoilt teenage child.

So to you I say you, well done so far I imagine you by now already have a good rapport and routine with them all, but nevertheless good luck in the future

I have been tempted to do a blog in the past, to get back to your point, but the effort reward factor kicks in and I fail.
For writing skills, I suggest you join/follow/bookmark alot of forums and occasionally check in on them, check what you write carefully before posting and ensure you follow people who write well and properly on these forums, other peoples blogs/websites etc etc.

I imagine good old bound paper books would help too.

What are you studying/hoping to achieve academic/career wise?

Devil Has The Best Tuna

The Devil is dedicated to unearthing unknown, unheard, unseen, … The Devil is dedicated to unearthing unknown, unheard, unseen, unheralded, unfamiliar or down right unbelievable bands old or new that have not yet hit the radars of the British public.

^ Dads blog, started about 4 years ago now I think, get over 400 hits a day but can go over 800 depending on who he blogs about

Thanks, dad has noticed quite a few people from here going to check his blog out (he can see where the visitors have come from)

OP you might wanna change your pic on your blog, it looks like a police photo pic

cool will look into it
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