Got a computer grant to spend!!!

Found 22nd May 2010
Hi guys I have DSA Grant and was given £560 for a laptop (bought the Dell Studio 1749 from Outlet, great machine) and was given £60 for Office.

I have been told I have the following to spend so any good ideas on what to buy would be appreciated:

Chair: £158.00
Mouse/ Docking station: £49 ( I assume they meant either or both)
Stand: £70 (stand??? not sure what this is for, I was thinking Docking station, so it would leave me £49.00 for the mouse)

If the equipment costs more than I make up the difference.


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if your into alot of music go for the docking station however im not quite sure what you mean by stand hope ths helps

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Nor do I, it said stand and that was it lol.

The prices shown above is what I am given for each item so if someone could post a link to a good in the categories specified, it would be great.

For the chairs, I have narrowed down the following from Viking Direct (Quidco 10%):

RealSpace Signum Synchro Mechanism operator chair - Black @ £199.99]http//ww…75/

RS Soho Rome Fabric Executive Chair - Black @ £139.99]http//ww…363

Which one too buy unless you guys can find a better one at the price.


try argos mate but if you cant find any good ones there then go for the bottom one

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Could not find anything good on Argos so will go for the bottom one.

Now I have a mouse and dock/stand left to buy. Was thinking of this stand:]http//ww…-24

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lol alreadyhave a nice pure wood desk. what did you think of the stand?

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morning bump

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Just bought the SOHO Chair for £164 inc VAT.

Just need a nice mouse and dock.

mouse and dock and stand and chair?
should have got a desktop,

laptops are for laps and using built in mouse IMO

A stand would be used to prop the laptop up to make the monitor closer to eye level, rather than having to look down at it as you would very likely have to do on a desk. This is for when prolonged times of use are to be expected..... This is of course if you are not going to plug it into an external monitor, although if you are a stand would also be helpful for if you wanted to use dual screen, you would then raise the lappy up to the same height as the monitor.

If you can get hold of a monitor, much better to buy a dock. Then you can dock the laptop, and just use it as if it were a desktop.

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I already have a desktop and a desk. Bought the logitech stand and the Microsoft Explorer Mini Mouse for £16.

Done and dusted. They can have the rest of the grant back.

Just need to buy a nice bag for te Dell Studio, 17"
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