got a couple things to

    got some larger items i wanna sell in my area (carlisle) any advice where i can sell them? good classifieds online etc?



    Adtrader is good.

    do you have fridayad?


    both can be done online

    Try a local newspaper?

    gumtree, vivastreet

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    thanks everyone...gonna have alook at them all now

    Just put them on ebay and lost as collection only, I've sold a few large items on there and had people collect them.


    gumtree, vivastreet

    i also recommend gumtree, ive sold lots of things via it

    i recommend gumtree. alot of people post there and its free and also there is a gumtree for every city.

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    i looked and wasnt one for carlisle...unless im blind?
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