Got a mini whisk Hot chocolate set, how do i make cappacino or Latte please also the instructions say chocolate syrup, never heard of it?

Found 9th Jan 2009
Any idea where i can get chocolate syrup from plus how can i make latte and cappacino please?
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]how to
You need espresso to make a cappuccino, and properly frothed hot milk. Your arm will drop off before you get good enough frothed milk with a whisk!!
u can get chocolate sryup from most supermarkets i no asda sell it as i buy it 4 kids for on top of their ice-cream cums in strawberry too :thumbsup:
just blend some hot choc or cocoa and sugar with alittle milk until you have a chocolate syrup.:thumbsup:
i think wittards do it-if there are any still open.........................
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