Got a new Wii - what are the best accessories to buy????

    Just bought my son a wii for his 5th bday, have got Carnival, playground and cars games, but im baffled by all the accessories! only got the one remote as standard and i have been looking for another. Do i need another and the nunchucks? or just the remotes? and charging stand?? Have been checking out deals and prices but i just dont know where to start.
    Would appreciate advice on whats worth getting. Thanks xxxxxx



    mario kart
    it brill
    you get the wheel with it


    and cross bow training
    you get the gun

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    thanks rep added :thumbsup:

    wii play - you get a remote with it and its virtually the same price. Games are really simple and just to get you used to using the remote, good for little ones

    [COLOR="Purple"]we got a charger unit at the weekend from woolworth £14.99
    saves on batteries!![/COLOR]

    I would buy Wii play which, as kelly_o_fantastic says, comes with a remote.. then look around for a cheap nunchuck so that you have 2 remotes and 2 nunchucks.. Means that if any 2 player game needs both you are covered. Rayman is a fab game, although I can't vouch that it's suitable for 5 year olds.. (can you tell I'm not a parent!) The lego games are excellent and very kid friendly (no blood, just lego bricks!) I'm trying to cut back on electricity use so I opted for rechargeable batteries for the remotes instead of a charging stand - which would only end up being left on all the time. I always keep a spare set fully charged so it works fine if you are organised. Best bet for other extras is to look online for 'kits' - tennis racquet, golf club etc.. The same kits are available on the high street but are much more expensive. Some games do come with extras too - I got a truck driving game which came with steering wheel.

    I was going to purchase an extra nunchuck but was advised by someone that it wasnt worth it, we have 3 remotes and have had the wii a few months. We have not needed an extra nunchuck yet (only thing we would of maybe used it for is wii sports boxing against each other)

    Might be worth waiting until you get a game that requires it

    Thanks for the rep someone left for me from this thread
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