got a problem with opening emails in hotmail

    cant open any emails in hotmail, infact cant do anything. get the message javascript:; in the bottom right had corner. any advice on how to fix this beast?

    cheers in advance :-)


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    anyone please? still having this problem

    Switch to a decent email service like GMail (GoogleMail) :giggle:

    To your original issue, more details would be nice, but sounds like a JavaScript error to me. In which case it's probably Microsofts (Hotmails) fault not yours. Unless of course you're using a browser other than IE, then it's your fault because Microsoft don't like people using other browsers on Hotmail......:giggle:

    In Internet Explorer
    [*]Go to "Tools | Internet Options..." from the main menu
    [*]Change to the "Security" tab
    [*]Click "Custom Level..." button
    [*]To enable: make sure "Disable Java" is selected under "Java."
    To disable: make sure a setting other than "Disable Java" is selected under "Java." If you're not sure which setting to choose, select "High safety"
    [*]Restart the browser[/LIST]

    Not sure if this is related but I was also unable to access hotmail last night.
    Works fine for me now though.
    The workaround I used was to log in to Windows Live and then access the mail from there:
    Just go to [url][/url] --> sign in --> then go to mail.
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