Got a PS2 game from Canada & can't play it

Found 9th Jul 2007
What a stupid thing to do! I have just got a PS2 game sent from Canada only to find it does'nt work on my PS2. Should of realised it would be like dvd's. How can i play it? Please help!!!!
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Unless you chip your PS2 or buy Swap Magic for about £ can't.

We are PAL they are NTSC. :thumbsup:
I'd go for Swap Magic personally, you'll also have to fork out for a true RGB scart lead now too of course What game was it out of curiousity?
Shame it was a Pooh bear game.....but it was for my 3 year old. Im just glad i tried it before i showed it to him.
You also need a tv that suports ntsc (60fps), 2 TVs here out of the 4 we've got do.
Most TV's built in the last 10 years do, as do most made in last 15 years, even my parents 22 year old 8 inch black and white tv supported NTSC through RF!

Its hit or miss with older the tv.

But if your tv supports RGB then it will work no problem.
If this is is the same game here's a link for the UK PAL version.…RTA

Also check eBay items 320135068886 & 270143114163
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