Got a senseo coffee machine model number hd 7814 I would like some hot chocolate pods but they only fit some models but mine isnt listed, help

    hi the list says

    works with:-
    HD 7800, HD 7810, HD 7811, HD 7812, HD 7840

    doesnt work with:-
    HD 7820, HD 7823, HD 7824, HD 7830, HD 7842 HD 7850


    You need the one that fits the 7812

    Yes you do need the purple handle thing

    I'm working in Holland at the moment and they have loads of them over here. Hot Choco is €2.30 for 20 pads and the special purple pod holder is €2.99.

    My kids love it an every week when I go home I have to take another pack with me.

    PS Just seen today in my local supermarket an espresso pod holder for the senseo.
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