Got a ticket for parking on a resident permit street despite ticket person saying they won't issue one

Posted 1st Dec 2021
My brother lives on a resident permit street, he doesn't park his car there as he doesn't use it much. he went to drop of some stuff and pick up parent, one of them is disabled, do not have the disable badge yet as it's on its way but do have the confirmation letter.

There was a ticket officer walking at the time so we spoke with him and he said it's fine but soon after we went in, about 20 min after they issued a PCN we which we saw when be came back down.

The whole stay was around 35 min or so.

I've explained this to the council who issued the ticket but they are not accepting it, they asked for disabled badge which I explained we do not have at the moment but will get it soon so I sent the confirmation.

they're saying either pay reduced amount of £55 within 14 days or £110 after or I can appeal further if I don't pay within 28 days.

any advise what I should do as it's not fair and this to me just looks like extortion.

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