Found 5th Feb 2009
got an interview tomorrow any tips/hints guys..what to say..what not to etc..thanks


farting doesnt go down well i found :-(

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farting doesnt go down well i found :-(

ha ha i will hold it in thanks.:oops:

Don't say....

"I like camels, I own 14, can I bring them to work on Fridays?"


ha ha i will hold it in thanks.:oops:

i think where i went wrong was i nodded my eyes towards the young girl taking notes blaming her :?

ha ha... what is it for?, I had one on Monday and got the call on Wednesday to say I'd got it!!!!! generally be yourself, laugh when they make a joke, do a bit of background research on the company and expect some random questions, I got asked what made me laugh!!

Do not dress in a tuxedo or take your step brother!

Be yourself. Strong handshake, good eye contact.

Qualifications only go so far. If this is a job you really want, your enthusiasm for it will show. I do think personality counts a lot. And I'm sure you're very nice and will knock 'em dead.

You posted an identical thread about a week ago IIRC. Spammed ;-)

Edit - two threads on the same topic, perhaps you could look there for advice.

Ooh, good luck at your interview. Be relaxed and just "be yourself" as they say!

Let us know how you get on.

Be yourself, make sure you look tidy/smart ans research the company. They usually ask why you want the job so have an answer ready. Oh, and down fall down the stairs like I did. Got the job though!

Good luck.



Be yourself. Strong handshake, good eye contact.

Same as above, and never turn your back on the interviewer.

Remember that there will be nervousness on both sides so dont let the nerves affect you.

Always turn up at least 15 mins before the interview start. This will give you time to compose yourself, relax a little and think of some good answers to possible questions.

If you're asked about something where you've not got much experience or skills, use this to say it would be an ideal opportunity to learn and build your skillset and get the experience you require to further improve in the job should you be offered it. Never give a negative answer.

Always say you work well as an individual and as part of a team and that should you find yourself unsure about anything then you would seek clarification on what do to rather than sit and keep quiet.

more of and you will be fine :-D

good eye contact and a couple of well thought out questions have always stood me in good stead

be yourself, be confident, be there early.Good luck hun.xxxx

Don't eat yellow snow:thumbsup:

How did you get on?! X.
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