got another tattoo tomorrow

    hi people got my tatto tomorrow 3hrs + im have half sleeve celtic design but before i have it done any ideas or pics on net before doing it
    idea etc as having it part on chest
    ive just had a 3hr one but only drawing on back this is going to be the full thing lol must take redbull lol
    any ideas?


    good luck hun,

    Let us know how it goes x x

    Original Poster


    You're going to a tattoo appointment without actually having the design already drawn up (either by yourself or the tattooist)?


    hes already got it:lol:

    ur tite makes absolutely no sense whatsoever :lol:

    if uve got it it should read " got another tattoo today"

    if ure getting it tomorrow it should read " getting another tattoo tomorrow"



    ive got another tattoo appointment scheduled for tomorrow too

    maybe dont take the redbull;)

    inb4 you regret it

    Original Poster

    but any good site to get ideas?



    tomorrow but any good site to get ideas?

    Can't you just pick something generic out of the catalogue they have there? That way you don't have to put any imagination into it.:thumbsup:


    so what tattoo did you got?:-D

    yeh you got a update?
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