Got me a new xbox 360, now I have a few questions...

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Found 15th Mar 2008
Hooray, finally bothered to pick up a 360 now they're cheap. Have set it up, downloaded the latest update, etc, but after googling I still have a few questions-

can I play xvids directly from a DVD? seems that I should be able to, but I can't open the disc? Actually, I cant play xvids at all so far, either via the connection to my laptop MCE or from a usb memory stick.

how does the vibration work? I have it enabled, but my wireless controller hasn't moved a mm so far.

Got to say, i'm impressed with it so far- not just because of the price



you have to go on to videos then choose it through there it doesn't play str8 off the disk
and as for the vibration its only on certain games.

so what price did you get it for, where and what did it come with?

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£234 from Zavvi (10% disc) premium with scene it, fifa street 3, simpsons and extra wireless/forza/viva pinata combo.

As for vibration- i'm playing Rez which is def supposed to be vibration compatible.

EDIT- found how to play them- needed to press 'x' on the video menu!
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