got my iphone but im in a contract with o2...

    hi people
    got myseld a iphone but found out cant get on net, cause the contract i took out was on a standed phone and not iphone so i can use the net on my wifi at home but when i go out says you dont have data package.
    but i do but not for this iphone.
    what can i do as i go on net when im out but cant if i stay with this.
    o2 said they can put me on that deal but cost £35 amonth, im only paying £20 for 600 min 500 txt unlimted internet,

    please let me no if there anything i can do?
    contract up in sep


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    thanks for that but i need help on this, lol, i done the 1st bit but it says go to mms section change some things but it dont say mms in mine, says VISUAL VOICEMAIL, do i need to change anything?

    I did this. I'm standard smartphone package 600mins 1000txt unltd Internet and asked O2 if I purchased a PAYG O2 iphone then would I still be able to use my contract SIM with it. Cust rep replied saying yes however the settings may need changed (I assume this is the issue that you are referring to?), and went on to say that if I needed any help configuring just to get in contact with them and they would assist.

    At the end of your contract, maybe consider an iPhone simplicity contract.

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    they never said update setting
    sorted it but running slow. why?
    ive got 2g but if i like it come july ill get the 3gs.
    but they shocking how much they are.

    input the settings inthe iphone
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