Got my laptop stolen! Need a CHEAP 12" laptop to finish my dissertation! VERY URGENT1

Hi there!

I got stolen my macbook the other day, got mad about it and obviously police does not really care..

I lost all my datas and need to give back my disseration in the beginning of september. Would anyone find a cheap good 12" to help me finish my dissertation! Saw an expired link to an Esys 12" FOR 250, however the don't have them anymore!





how about an asus eee pc. There from £200 and are only 7-9 inches

hi ben
im not very clued up on laptops but these are in the sale and if u use code WWCLEAROUT u can save an extra 10%

good luck in getting one,sorry yours got robbed


Look on your local Gumtree.

Or do it on the PC you are using now!

Ps I hope something bad happens to the person that stole your lappy.

awwwwwwwwww thats so awful ...... good luck in retrieving it and getting the disso in x

Hope someone can help you find one on here, I know exactly how you feel as this happened to my daughter when she was finishing her nursing degree and thiefs just don't know or care what this does to people They took just about everything she owned from her locked student house room not just her laptop even her exterior hardrive that she had back ups on and everything else of any value she was devasted but still had to get through her studies. Sorry to hear this happened to you too

Original Poster

Thanks for your support!

I'm using the uni computer at the moment but would be more convenient to buy a laptop in order to work my dissertation at home as well.

Hope this guy get caught but from what I've seen the police is not in a hurry to catch him. It happened a week ago and they didnt even go to see cctv.

Please email me if you find anything interresting,

many thanks to all of you!!


When you get a new lappy have a look at this ]http//ad…du/ its a little program that tracks what ISP it is being used on. So if it is stolen you can get the ISP and give it to the police who can then find out from the service provider there your lappy is working from. As long as they dont format the drive and reinstall windows.

The police are to busy harassing drivers!
If I were you mate I would have a look on ebay, I picked up quite a nice system the other day for my sister & only paid a hundred an odd squid :thumbsup:
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