Got my theory tomorrow tips ?

Found 16th Dec 2010
Got my theory test tommorow anyone got any tips to help me out ?
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Revise the highway code & take time answering your questions, most are just common sense that's the only advice I can give really. Good luck
keep your cool and don't panic. If you not 100% sure of the answer read the question a couple more times and dismiss the anwers that are not correct and then have a quick think on the answers left, 1 will be obvious.
good luck - i've just started driving lessons myself gonna put in for my theory next month - been doing a practice dvd and most as above are common sense and the h&p part looks pretty easy - just don;t let nerves get to you you'll be fine

let us all know how you get on

good luck
3 tips
1. Examiners are always looking for the safest answer.
2. There are normally 2 answers that are definitely not it.
3. Try and go back over your answers once finished.
Just don't worry about it, I took mine last month and was stressing out because I'd only prepared for an hour or two beforehand but it turned out to be a doddle. All the answers are common knowledge or obvious by process of elimination and the HP is easy - just don't be afraid to click regularly.

Honestly relax about it, you'd have to be a bit of a moron to fail
oh yeah and good luck
If there is a still image of an old woman riding an old bicycle down a road which is double parked and they give you the option of "speed up to get past her quicker"

Its not that one. I chose that one.
It's so easy, Don't worry, Common sense on both parts.

It's so easy, Don't worry, Common sense on both parts.

Yh defo agree, i did mine twice! Good luck & take you time
at least don't watch any film tonight......and wake up early in the morning and just go through all book,just read it don't memorise it that time and yeh let us know tomorrow what happened.good luck you will pass don't worry
For the theory i just read the bsm book cover to cover 4 times. i did this 4 days leading up to the exam and it was a doddle.

For the main test it is very important to dress in a geeky old fashioned way. I wore glasses a shirt, an old fashioned tie and a cardigan.

I also spoke incessantly about computers, and generally made the driving examiner think he was better than me.

It's very important that the examiner doesnt feel your life is better than his eg getting lots of girls, going out a lot.

A friend of mine styled his hair with a side parting and he attributes 10 percent of his success to that.
During the Hazard Perception click to the tune of "We will rock you" by Queen and instantly pass.
soooo how did you do???
Wow a lot more replies than I expected, thanks for the tips everyone and its this afternoon so will let yous all know how I got on.
I passed yeah !

I passed yeah !



thank you
congrats mate well done
well done see all of our advise worked. best go and celebrate and have a few ..
Congrats, its a buzz isnt it.
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