got offered unlimited data on orange by a retentions advisor ? says it might be slowed down after 6gb ? too good ?

    £14.99 for unlimited everything by orange Advisor at end of contract.


    Do you actually need unlimited data though?

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    Wanted it for sure, was looking at three although poor reception in my area and overall this is quite good. 30 day contract too so easy to opt out. Think it is the equivalent to the full monty. I was just wondering if anyone has gone for it and found it to be truly unlimited ?

    Is it defo orange and not ee? As I was told ee don't do unlimited 10gb is the max

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    Yep orange , i was told ee max is 20gb but i dont have a 4g handset so i was offered this.apparently bcame available a week ago and i will get paperwork soon to confirm. I am a little bit miffed by the 6gb fair use and then possible slow down after that though ?

    For all intensive purposes it's 6Gb. The throttling will reduce your bandwidth to minimal ammount and so only really email and basic browsing. No downloading, streaming etc. ( iplayer, Sky to etc)
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