Got refused for a mobile with 02 help

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Found 9th Feb 2009
Hi i went to get a new nokia 5800 on contract through carphonewhare house and got refused after the search.its with 02 and so was wondering if they have stricter rules,im currently with 3 network on contract,years ago i had a issue with 02 on a contract so left them,ive been with vodafone before and never had a problem.

would it be worth trying to go with vodafone?

thanks in advance


Would it be worth contacting O2 as it may be an issue with names and old accounts or some sort of outstanding balance type of thing... or they might just be very strict :oops:

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it went to a referal or somthing after the search was done

Im not entirely sure of an answer but while browsing the internet i found this very detailed answer that may shine some light on some areas.

I hope this helps!…De6

This has happened to me in the past. It's possible that if Carphone *****house try again tomorrow, it will pass. Try asking CPW first as O2 is provided through them anyway!

I applied for the exact same thing last week and the same thing happened to me. Talk about make me paranoid - I even applied for my credit rating from experian to see if I could see why. My Hubby thinks I'm hiding some debt now but my account is in the best shape its been in for years. It was never bad to begin with but paid all my accounts I had, not in overdraft, pay on time etc... got a mortgage... Experian then said they couldn't confirm my identity so they are sending me a pin number to access the report!

experian credit check is stricter

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just went for one through vodafone online and got accepted!who needs the carphone wharehouse!!
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