Got some questions regarding the ps3

    Yeah so after much deliberation I've decided to go for a ps3, just think overall its better value in the long run plus none of the 360 exclusives really grab me(heh but I might end up with one next year if I can afford it). But I have a few questions for the ps3 owners here. Firstly, can it play divx and xvid files without any conversion? Would be great if I could put things like prison break straight on to it. Also anyone used remote play with a psp, does this work well, or does it stutter alot? And finally, how well does iplayer work on it, is it good quality? Tried it on the wii and it was pretty poor tbh. Cheers for any help.


    I have a 60GB and it plays DIVX fine. There was a bit of setting it up and license codes, but once that's done it works great. I don't use any of the other apps you mentioned, but that's my 2 penneth.

    Yes you can play DIVX, XVID, with no problems, also if your computer is in the same network you can see whatever you have in your Videos folder, pictures, etc with no problems and even stream the videos.
    So you could watch your Prison Break in the PS3 without having to put them in your PS3 just by streaming from your PC. (although the XBOX does this as well)

    I think a while ago it did not work but I believe one of the patches might have done the trick. So you may need to update you PS3 firmware to get this to work.

    I did not know that you could use the Iplayer I will try.
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