Got the flu.. then a cough.. and now one of my ears blocked!

Got a flu and a cough a while ago, woke up a few days ago with one blocked ear, slept for a day but still the same today, anything I can buy from the chemist to solve this?

Heading to work in about half an hour, will be popping into a chemist on the way so any suggestions?

Much appreciated, thanks.


Just do what you have decided to do, talk to the pharmacist, he /she will give you the best adice. You don't need at the old wives remedies on here:)
Old wives includes old husbands, bachelors and spinsters too.

It depends on what's blocking the ear. If it's wax then the pharmacist should be able to sell you something that will help. If not it might be worth a visit to the quack.

i had flu a month bk and i cannt smell or taste things like i used to =(
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