Got this spammy e-mail this morning!! must think i was born yesterday!!

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Found 16th Dec 2008
since when did anybody attach their e-mail address to their lottery ticket?????!!!!!

We are pleased to inform you of the result of UK NATIONAL LOTTERY 2008,
which was held on DECEMBER 14th, 2008. Your e-mail address
attached TICKET NUMBER: 74454774, SERIAL NUMBER: 144-66584,with DRAW
LUCKY NUMBERS: 5-21-23-34-61-72 that drawn a prize of 516,778.00 GREAT


If you do the lottery online it is usually quite useful to leave your email addy...........

:roll:its a scam bin it :-D

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:roll:its a scam bin it :-D

i kind of know that!!!!!!

omg, you've won lots of GREAT BRITISH POUNDS wooohoooo


if it was the uk national lottery what was you going to get paid in magic beans lol

no lottery on the 14th that was sunday

Hey !!! I won the same amount too !!!!


Hey !!! I won the same amount too !!!! :whistling:

You have to share - it's Christmas

Where would you like us to wire the monies?

I made the mistake of telling them to give my winnings to charity.Result now i get lot's more emails.

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lol, just noticed it has the numbers 61 and 72 in the winning numbers!! think they would research it a bit before they try the scam!!!

omg spam, this ones new..........................
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