Posted 6th Jan 2015
Has anyone used this site? I've looked through some mixed reviews and would appreciate some users feedback

Qatar airlines flights are coming up at 1050 GBP on this site whilst booking the same flight on Qatar's site would cost me 1500+
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Same company sites different regions.
terrible reviews.

Few forum posts people asking for opinions.

No weekend customer support. No easy access phone number. Long queues for support.

Few cases of canceled tickets the day before the flight.

I'd be skeptical using this company.
Apologies for posting to an old thread, but thought it best to consolidate information in one place

I just tried to book via go to gate, and at checkout, quoted prices increased by £100 per person.
On top of that, there are lots of add-on services, that are not really optional, and so increases the prices.

They looked the cheapest, but by the end of the prices, they were as much as their competitors
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