Gotta be fakes or dodgey right?

    Corsair Voyager 128GB USB Drives on eBay - £65 B.I.N

    The guy has 308 Feedback @ 100% though?


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    Will be fake, I bought a 16GB card off a guy with like 99% feedback, was … Will be fake, I bought a 16GB card off a guy with like 99% feedback, was a fake, as was my friends from a diff seller. They refunded, few weeks later (today actually) I get an email from ebay saying the account is blocked for selling fakes.

    Knew it.

    Cause they're about £200+ on the web lol


    probably the account holder has sold some fair goods to gain a decent rep, so he could now sting people

    usually why the chinese sellers sell tons of stuff for 1p for a few weeks, get a couple of thousand positives, then close for 3 months so what the items were falls off, then start in on the fake headphones and memory cards

    look at the feedback they left him. i brouht something off someone 100% feekback. checked agian all his buyers were new buyers with 0% fb

    Check his feedback from the second page onwards everything cost US $0.00 :thinking:

    Well dodgey, AVOID at all costs if i were you!

    buy this one 160438421163


    buy this one 160438421163

    :thinking: Why the blokes even saying they are fakes '[FONT=Georgia][SIZE=3][COLOR=#343434]They aren't real kingston'[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

    At least you know theyre fakes, cheaper too.


    At least you know theyre fakes, cheaper too.

    LOL True. But if it fails in a month or so then its going to be an expensive piece of plastic.

    Idea; report him.


    Idea; report him.

    Done it several times - e-bay ignore such complaints.
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