Goverment to put VAT back up to 17.5% January 2010

    Just got a sky bill telling me that the vat is going up 17.5% in jan 2010 and that the bill will go up as well - i thought it was sticking at its current price

    But just info incase you didnt know


    welcome 2 last week

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    welcome 2 last week

    hello last week - murray you are still sheite

    that was always going to be the plan - they need to start getting money back into the government and this was only a temporary measure to try to start people buying things

    problem is not all retailers gave the discount on but im sure ALL will be very happy to add it back on......

    what hasn't been said is it can now happen at any time without the need for an act of Parliament ... so if the powers that be in the VAT quangos decide that as from Monday vat will be 18% it will be ....
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